I was making a long distance move and I had many family treasures and lots of my own stuff. I could not take it all with me. I needed to find an estate liquidator who knew the value of things and who was trustworthy. Also, someone who would take care of everything from the most valuable artworks to the potted plants. I had seen Town and Country’s work at an estate sale up the street. That sale was very well organized and the prices for the antiques and art work were appropriate. I liked the way Diane presented herself.

When hired for my own sale Diane was very patient. She took the time to look at all the merchandise and did research on those items she was not familiar with. She always asked questions and consulted with me. The sale itself was conducted in a quiet, classy manner. Nothing was stolen or broken.

In the end, I got rid of everything and put the money in the bank. Diane followed through on making sure the house was left empty and clean. There was one painting that had been at a gallery and she took great care in getting it back to me when I changed my mind and decided I wanted to keep it. I would recommend Diane to anybody without hesitation.

Nancy J.

When my grandmother passed away, the trust required that I get formal appraisals and liquidate an immense amount of personal property. It was important to find a trustworthy person with knowledge of antiques, collectibles, and estate jewelry. I chose Diane because she was experienced, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I saw that she was capable of evaluating fine antiques and that she had other resources to consult if she needed them.

Once the appraisals were completed, Diane successfully liquidated the contents with an estate sale held over 2 weekends. She and her team organized, displayed, and photographed everything. She handled all the details; advertising, sales, security, and overseeing charitable donations of the remaining items. She then had the house and property cleared and prepared for sale.

Diane’s services provided all that I, as the trustee, needed to fulfill the legal requirements of the trust. She completely relieved me of the emotional stress of dealing with a large home full of the belongings and memories of my grandparents. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs these services.

Lara W.

My sister’s sudden passing in Los Angeles left me in a predicament. I live in Chicago and had to settle her estate 2000 miles away. I was grieving and overwhelmed by the sheer number of her possessions; art, jewelry, wardrobe, books, home furnishings and antiques, a garden full of pots and statuary, etc. I simply was not up to handling the details of this large estate.

An acquaintance suggested I contact Town and Country Estate Sales. I met with Diane and she won my confidence with her organized approach and knowledge of the contents of the estate. She immediately recognized and evaluated most of the items. Nothing escaped her notice; there were some books that appeared valuable and she speed-dialed an expert.

The sale was a huge success and everything was sold – right down to the pots and pans. I simply couldn’t have done it without her.

Ken S.

I never expected my house to sell on the first day it was listed – but it did! The buyer insisted on a short escrow and I had to move quickly. I’d lived in this house for 20 years; it was jam-packed with antiques, high-quality, custom furniture, art, books, china, silver, décor, etc. I had decided to go with a completely different style for my new house, so there were thousands of things to be sold in a short time.

When Diane came over for a consultation she saw that it was a huge project with a tight timeline. I didn’t think it possible, but she and her terrific crew got everything prepared for the estate sale in just a few days. She did a great job of advertising and notifying her extensive list of buyers. There was a long line of people waiting to get in every day of the sale. Absolutely everything was sold as she promised it would be.

I was really pleased with the money I made, and grateful that Diane helped me manage my personal stuff and get the house emptied and clear in time for the escrow closing. I felt lucky to have found her!

Julie M.

My mother-in-law unexpectedly needed to move to assisted living and my sister-in-law and I were in charge of clearing out the home that she and my father-in-law had lived in for 60 years. My sister-in-law, who is from out-of-state, is not very savvy about antiques and collectibles, and was basically giving valuable things away.

The house was still pretty full when I contacted Diane of Town and Country Estate Sales. She agreed to help us by staging and pricing what was left and conducting a professional estate sale which meant a lot to us, because we really needed her help. We knew that she usually handled bigger estates than ours, but she came through, getting us the best possible outcome and leaving the house empty and broom clean as she promised.

We were all very pleased with her and her crew.

Susie Z.